Industrial suited lifting stage designed for high loads. Equipped with a stepper motor.

Ideal for high loads

For movements in the vertical direction, the Steinmeyer Mechatronik HT240 is a product specially designed for high loads which has outstanding resolution. Thanks to its robust, production proven design, it is protected against particles and dust and can be used in the industrial environment especially for heavy load applications.

Easy to combine

The HT240 is equipped with either a stepper motor or AC motor and provides a lift of up to 25 mm.
Thanks to our modular axis systems, it can be effortlessly combined with matching DT series rotary stages or PLT series linear stages to create complex multi-axis systems.

Suitable for industrial applications

The HT240 is principally used wherever high loads need to be precisely positioned – in special and precision machine construction, in laser technology, the automation industry and measurement engineering.