The EC-R supports the substrate at a right-angle to the plane of the mounting flange. It can then provide continuous substrate rotation, tilt, heating and electrical biasing. It can also be mounted on UHVD’s range of manipulators to provide motion in the X, Y and Z axes. The base EC-R configuration provides polar rotation to adjust the angle of incidence with respect to the depostion flux and sample heating. The modular EC-R concept provides the flexibility to select options such as azimuthal rotation to continuously rotate the substrate to maximise temperature and deposition uniformity.
Electrical biasing is also available, DC and/or RF, to facilitate sputter cleaning prior to deposition or for better control of deposition kinetics. ‘Faraday Dark Space Shielding’ is supplied as standard on all biased stages. This confines plasma to the substrate cradle region. Our proprietary substrate biasing technology provides unrivalled flicker-free performance, typically with zero maintenance and long operational life. X, Y and Z motion can then be added to tailor the stage to meet your specific application.

The concept of this stage was strongly influenced by a complete review of existing right-angled deposition stages to provide unrivalled performance and durability.

By stacking two magnetically-coupled MagiDrive rotary feedthroughs, UHV Design are able to achieve a dual axis, concentric rotation system which eliminates the head positioning gear train typically used in other designs.

The absence of any bellows, O-rings or dynamic seals ensures clean, true UHV performance with high reliability making them ideal for critical applications.

High temperature heating

By incorporating our latest heater module technology into this stage, improvements upon conventional designs have been achieved in terms of the ultimate temperature capability and uniformity and therefore deposition uniformity. Significant technology resides within the rotary head which enables continuous azimuthal rotation with high precision positioning whilst heating from ambient to 1200oC.

Refractory metal deposition shielding is provided as standard to protect the heating module.

The EC-R can also be configured specifically as a retrofit instrument for MBE systems such as the VG Semicon V80H.


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