Our highly intuitive software enables you to run your first tests within a couple of minutes. Compatible with all FMC controllers.

First operation within minutes

Using our motion controller with the newly developed start-up software FMC Quick Access you run your first tests within minutes. This not only saves time but also enables you to execute your tests without any complex programming.

As easy as connecting the cables

If you order your axes with a FMC controller, everything is already preconfigured. You only need to connect your axes with the supplied cables and the USB cable with the PC. After a short installation process your axes are ready to move.

Easy and Intuitive

After starting the software, the basic functionalities of the axes are available. You can enter the desired travel range directly. Speed and accelerations can be entered separately for each axis. A referencing of the axis is executed at the push of a button.

Helpful position storage

As an additional function, the software offers the possibility to store up to 5 positions. You can reach these positions by the push of a button. For the first tests, this is a very helpful functionality. Of course, these positions are also available after a re-start.

Develop your own applications

For the development of your own applications several libraries are available for programming in LabView, C++,C# etc.


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