Glancing Angle Deposition (GLAD) is creating great interest in areas where structured three-dimensional deposition is required. Based on UHV Design’s highly successful EpiCentre range, the GLAD stage provides an in-line solution (as with
the EC-I Series) but with the addition of substrate tilt. Being an in-line stage, a large range of axial (Z) motion can be provided.
By precisely controlling the polar and azimuthal rotations simultaneously,
novel structures can be grown, which have, for example, columnular
morphology or a nano-helical structure or are structured via anisotropic
shadowing. Such materials have applications in many highly topical fields
such as photonics, catalysis, bio-compatible materials and fuel cells.

Being fully UHV compatible, the GLAD stage is eminently suitable for use with all the usual directional deposition sources, such as thermal evaporation, physical vapour deposition, pulsed laser deposition and magnetron sputtering.


  • Continuous azimuthal rotation from 0.1 – 20rpm, but at any tilt angle from zero to +/- 85 degrees.
  • Substrate temperature heating to 1200°C, with solid Silicon Carbide technology option to provide durability in O2 rich environments.
  • DC bias ≤ 1 kV for sputter process modification – ultra-stable plasma during azimuthal rotation.
  • RF bias to 100W power for substrate cleaning prior to deposition. Ultra-stable plasma during azimuthal rotation.
  • Z-axis travel up to 200mm to accommodate different source geometries.
  • Optional rotation of the entire stage/tilt axis orientation to facilitate glancing angle deposition using out-of-plane sources. (Requires the use of a differentially pumped rotary feedthrough that can be fitted as an option.)


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