Top Plate

  • Stainless steel 3 mm
  • Magnetic or antimagnetic
  • Planarity +/- 0,1 mm
  • With overlap 4 mm
  • Brushed finish
  • Hole Spacing 25mm
  • Insert Mounting Holes M6

Lateral Sides

  • Stainless steel 3 mm
  • Black lacquered

Bottom Plate

  • Stainless steel 3 mm
  • Magnetic or antimagnetic


Optical breadboards from OPTA display a remarkable quality and functionality, while showing an outstanding stiffness and are still light weighted. As a special service OPTA offers customized configurations, as well as, tailored laser ports and other solutions on customer’s request. OPTA provides assistance and technical advice on the construction and use of optical breadboards. Very short delivery time can be realized.

Specifications BS 33 Breadboard magnetic or antimagnetic

Sealed Mounting Holes

  • Floating mounted threads M6
  • Magnetic or antimagnetic
  • No connection to the breadboard core because of sealed sockets
  • Thread Channel 5 mm
  • Possible displacement of mounting threads around 0,5 mm with simultaneous inclination around ± 3°
  • Max. thread depth 30 mm
  • Edge distance 37,5 mm standard or 25 mm special

Main Core

  • Special Opta steel core magnetic OR
  • Special Opta aluminium core antimagnetic

Breadboard Thickness

  • 33 mm


  • Special sizes without extra charge
  • Special forms available on request
  • Possible with laser port


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