Top Plate

  • Stainless steel 3 + 2mm
  • Magnetic or antimagnetic
  • Planarity +/- 0,1 mm
  • Brushed finish
  • Hole Spacing 25mm
  • Insert Mounting Holes M6
  • With overlap 8 mm


  • E-06
  • E-05
  • E-04
  • E-03
  • 10 100 1000
  • Frequenz
  • Nachgiebigkeit
  • mm/N
  • Hz
  • Compliance Curve for a type HDT Optical Tabletop (Size
    1200x1800x300mm, Point Load 114kg in middle of the
    table, excitation by sinus sweep 20-500Hz)


Optical tabletops, breadboards and workstations from OPTA display a remarkable quality and
functionality. As a special service OPTA offers customer designed solutions and provides assistance
and advice on the construction and use of special optical table systems. Very short delivery time can
be realized. In the following the different types of available table tops are described.

OPTA offers four different ranges of tabletops. The following table gives a survey of available types.
Optical tables should exhibit an optimum on static rigidity simultaneously with sound damping
characteristics. But in general it is not possible to optimize both properties at the same time. An
increased stiffness will result in low damping and vice versa. For the functionality of an optical table
static rigidity is of inferior significance since negative effects can always be compensated for by
alignment of the optical setup. Much more disturbing interference arises from increased resonance in
the upper frequency range which can only be eliminated by appropriate self-damping. The recognition
of this circumstance has caused OPTA to choose a different way in building optical tables. OPTA
tables are optimized in view of their self-damping characteristic by which resonance in the upper
frequency ranges are suppressed nearly completely for tables of type HD/T.


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