nanoFaktur HPx (HPO and HPS), encapsulated and preloaded piezo-stack actuators, are easy to handle and immediately employable. HPx exclude the risks, which otherwise come with bare and open stacks. The versions HPS have integrated temperature compensated position-metrology: strain-gage-sensors (SGS) in full-bridge configuration. There are M3/M4 threads in bottom- and top-pieces for facilitating the mounting. The actuators show higher strokes at the same dimensions than competitors´products. Nominal voltages from 60 to 200 V are available. The stacks have no electrical connections to the casings or the shieldings for maximum safety of the users and the realm. The 60 V versions (-30..+30 V) are ideal for safety-relevant applications, like in medical products. Stacks made of optional loss-reduced (hard) ceramics are perfectly suited for high-dynamic applications. Hermitically sealing, waterproof, encapsulations are available for industry applications.

Advantages of HPx at a glance:

  • Up to 40% shorter at same strokes
  • Housing is only 12 mm in diameter
  • Isolated connections (current not flowing back via shielding)
  • Versions with 60 V maximum Voltage available
  • Optional strain-gauges (versions HPS) and controllers
  • Versions for high-dynamic use available
  • Hermetically sealed, waterproof, encapsulations possible


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