Radial systems require the precise transfer of samples between multiple chambers for preparation and analysis. This is handled from the central radial distribution chamber (as shown on previous page). The Radial Telescopic Transfer Arm (RTTA) represents a step-change advance in radial distribution technology offering unrivalled performance over conventional designs at a comparable cost. The RTTA uses a high torque magnetically-coupled MagiDrive to provide extremely stiff coupling for radial motion.

Key features
•2.5x the reach of conventional systems
•Typically <1.5mm deflection at full extension with 10N load •Excellent substrate position reproducibility: <0.2mm laterally & axially •2-axis and 3-axis variants •True UHV performance This radial motion is used to align the transfer arm with the desired chamber port achieving angular reproducibility of <0.2mm. A second MagiDrive is used to drive the innovative telescopic mechanism which provides an arm extension of 760mm (2.5x that of conventional designs) to transport the sample in and out of the desired satellite chamber. The precision slide mechanism achieves linear reproducibility of <0.2mm with <1mm deflection at full extension with a 10N load. The RTTA is available in 2-axis and 3-axis versions. The 2-axis RTTA provides rotation for port alignment and arm extension for sample transfer. The 3-axis RTTA also includes the ability to lift and lower the sample arm for gravity based hand off typically used on our MBE, sputtering and CVD sample manipulators and heating stages.


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