The Sample Parking Stage for flag style sample plates commonly used in surface analysis instrumentation, has been designed to accommodate Omicron, Specs and Aarhus Flag style sample plates.

It is intended to be used to store multiple samples in the UHV analysis chamber or the sample preparation chamber. It comprises a carousel plate or multiple carousels, each of which can accommodate 4 flag style sample plates.

Each of the sample plates is held securely in place by a pair of springs holding them solidly in their docking station, such that there is minimal risk of any falling out irrespective of the mounting orientation of the Parking Stage.

The carousels are mounted from a magnetically coupled rotary drive (MagiDrive) such that each can be presented in turn to the transfer mechanism, whether that be a Wobble Stick, magnetically coupled transfer arm (PowerProbe) or linear rack and pinion transfer device.

The whole device might also be suspended from a bellows coupled linear Z-shift (LSM) (typically 25-50mm stroke) to set the height or maybe move the carousel out of the way completely for access. Multiple carousels can be employed by being stacked vertically to provide additional storage, for up to 16 sample plates, in which case the linear motion option will almost certainly be necessary to access the different levels.

The device is fully UHV compatible and bakeable to 250oC

As with all UHV Design motion mechanisms there are various automation / motorisation options available for each axis of motion.


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