PowerProbe sample transfer arms enable secure transfer of samples within UHV. This is a consequence of their unrivalled magnetic coupling strength. In addition to linear and linear/rotary probes, this extensive range includes the Elevating PowerProbe and the Dual-Axis PowerProbe designed to transfer specific industry-standard sample holders using a variety of actuation methods.

PowerProbes have unrivalled thrust performance. The standard linear coupling has a break-away force of 180 N (40 lbf), in comparison to the 26-50 N of conventional units available on the market. A high-power option is also available with an unrivalled 310 N (69 lbf).

In terms of rotation, the rotary transmission is essentially based upon the MD35 MagiDrive delivering 4 Nm (3 lbf ft) break-away torque. This is four times the level offered by more conventional units. The unique rotary coupling retains the renowned angular rigidity of the MagiDrive series. The relationship between load and deflection is approximately linear for typical transfer loads.

The crucial aspect of these performance characteristics is not necessarily the load-carrying capacity, but the stiffness of the coupling. The probes are, therefore, ideal for sample transfer applications.

All PowerProbes are fully bakeable to 250°C and do not require dismantling, unlike some conventional units available. The probes are suitable for use between atmospheric pressure and ultra-high vacuum.


High-performance magnetically-coupled linear devices, designed for sample transfer where only linear motion is required and rotation is undesirable.

Available in standard stroke lengths from 304mm to 1524mm with motorisation options. The LPP is bakeable to 250°C without removing any components.
The Linear PowerProbe should be selected where only linear motion is required and twisting or turning of the sample would be undesirable. An anti-rotation system is fitted internally ensuring straight,in-line motion, despite any rotation of the external drive thimble. This removes the need for the unwieldy and bulky external linear guide bars used by other manufacturers and guarantees no rotation during the stroke.

Furthermore the external drive carriage has only a linear magnetic coupling (no rotary magnetic coupling) meaning no torque is applied to the shaft when rotating the thimble. Fewer parts also means that this linear only version of the PowerProbe is a lower cost than the rotary and linear versions. A retracted switch option is available which provides indication when the probe is fully retracted. This signal can be interlocked to prevent, for example, the premature closing of a gate valve before the PowerProbe has fully retracted.



High-performance magnetically-coupled combined linear/rotary devices, designed for sample transfer. Both linear and rotary motion of the sample achieved via a single actuator with stroke length from 304mm to 1524mm.

The PowerProbe provides both linear and rotary motion of the sample, via a single actuator.

The PowerProbe’s powerful magnetic coupling technology provides performance far in advance of conventional probes on the market avoiding magnetic hysteresis and de-coupling issues suffered by traditional designs.
The high torque characteristics are achieved by utilising MagiDrive rotary coupling technology. Combined with a high thrust linear coupling, this ensures optimum drive performance on both axes. Therefore, actuation of the thimble in either axis will result in the precise transmission of this motion to the sample.
The PowerProbe can be fitted with a bakeable limit switch for the retracted position, aiding system interlocks.


High-performance magnetically coupled devices designed for sample transfer with outer shaft linear motion and independent rotary motion of inner shaft. Ideal for systems where a secondary motion is required to actuate an end-effector mechanism. Range includes end-effectors to transfer industry-standard flag and puck sample holders.
The Dual Axis PowerProbe (DAPP) has two concentric output shafts providing independent axes of motion. The outer tubular shaft has linear only motion provided by the linear PowerProbe magnetic coupling. The inner shaft has independent rotary motion provided by the PowerProbe rotary magnetic coupling. The DAPP has a single driving thimble allowing simultaneous actuation of both the linear and rotary axes.

This PowerProbe variant is ideally suited to system designers who wish to employ a secondary motion to actuate an end-effector mechanism, such as a sample locking system, for example.

The Dual Axis PowerProbe benefits from our powerful magnetic coupling technology providing robust, reliable performance. Additionally, the internal linear guidance system, prevents rotation of the main shaft, thus removing the need for conventional external guide bars, providing an elegant and compact solution to sample transfer.

Standard End-effectors

Two standard end-effectors are offered to grip and safely transfer industry-standard surface analysis flag and puck sample holders.



Complete sampling-handling system providing linear motion and up to 50mm of lift in the Y-axis for sample hand-off. Stroke lengths from 304mm to 1219mm and motorisation options available.

The Elevating PowerProbe transforms conventional approaches to sample transfer.

addition to its internally-guided linear motion, the probe has the ability to elevate its end-effector throughout its stroke, providing 12.7mm of lift as standard (with 25mm and 50mm options) in the Y axis for sample hand-off.
This PowerProbe variant greatly simplifies sample transfer techniques, providing a single device to provide both linear motion for sample introduction and the lift/lower motion to collect or hand-off the sample.

With a range of industry-standard effectors, the Elevating PowerProbe provides a complete sample-handling system in its own right removing the need for secondary motion tools. This reduces cost and simplifies the transfer process.


Magnetically-coupled triple axis transfer arm, providing linear and rotary motion with a unique sample gripping mechanism allowing samples to be locked onto and off the probe. Linear and rotary motion of the sample is achieved via a single actuator with stroke length from 304mm to 1219mm. Unique lock/unlock mechanism then activates an independent shaft to provide gripper activation.
The Triple Axis PowerProbe (TAPP) has two concentric output shafts providing two independent axes of motion. Linear and rotary motion of the outer shaft is provided through a high power magnetic coupling, driven by the thimble.

Compared with conventional devices the Triple Axis Power Probe provides more than 10 times the thrust and 4 times the torque with exceptional axial stiffness.

In addition to linear and rotary motion the thimble incorporates a unique secondary linear motion that can be used to lock/unlock samples held by a gripping end-effector. This PowerProbe variant is ideally suited to system designers who need linear and rotary motion with an independent end-effector mechanism. When ordered with an end-effector the Triple Axis Power Probe provides the ultimate in secure sample transfer.

Standard End-effectors

Two standard end-effectors are offered to grip and safely transfer industry-standard surface analysis flag and puck sample holders.



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