XL-T compact stages

The XL-T series is an entry level single bellows compact stage, offering a full range of functions. Based on the TETRAXE XYZT manipulator, its rugged construction and smaller platform is ideal for surface science chambers where space is at a premium. The XL-T can be configured to suit all industry standard sample holders and provides a range of manipulation, heating, cooling and advanced options detailed below.
The large 65mm ID bellows bore allows for all services, including LN2 cooling coils, to be routed at the top of the stage resulting in a very uncluttered, compact design at the sample stage, significantly reducing the swept radius.

A unique feature is the continuous azimuthal rotation even when cooling with LN2. This is achieved via a proprietary design which not only acts as a bearing for rotation, but provides electrical isolation of the sample.


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