Ultra-stable dual bellows stages providing smooth, precise motion with up to +/-57mm X& Y travel and up to 1000mm in Z travel. Can be mounted in any-orientation.

Multistage manipulators provide precise motion along the X, Y and Z axes. Their robust construction provides a stable platform, enabling mounting in any-orientation.

The range is modular utilising the MultiBase XY manipulators to provide two generic platforms offering +/-14mm, +/-31mm or +/- 57mm of motion (vector sum of X & Y). Various Linear Shift Mechanisms can then be fitted to these platforms to provide between 100mm (4″) and 1000mm (39″) Z stroke. The kinematic motion provided results in smooth and reliable motion.
MultiStage manipulators are offered with manual or motorised actuation. Manual XY actuation is delivered via a combined micrometer handwheel and linear scale assembly. Manual Z motion can be fitted with a 1mm increment scale.

DC and stepper motor driven solutions are also available, along with ‘plug and play’ motion control systems.


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